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5 Budget Style Ideas for Your Wedding Reception Room

Beautiful brides and hands-on grooms in search of inspiration for your big day: look no further.

We’ve been scouring the internet in search of some adaptable style ideas; perfect for a budget wedding which will make your reception room look A-MA- ZING…


Some brides love to have a little fun with their wedding day- and why not?

Shabby-chic is all about minimalism and freshness: a great idea for those of you who’re working to a budget.

Image Courtesy of Romantic Decoration Now BlogImage Courtesy of Romantic Decoration Now Blog

To achieve a pretty chic wedding, look for softer tones and avoid colours which can be loud and brash.

We love the subtle colour scheme this couple have gone for; it’s elegant, it’s bold and with a bit of shopping around it won’t break the bank.

Vintage Whimsical

The modern day vintage style is just gorgeous and can be achieved for next to nothing.

The great thing about vintage styles is that virtually everything is mismatched and still looks fab.

2- Image Courtesy of Wedding Photographer: Brandon KiddImage Courtesy of Wedding Photographer: Brandon Kidd

The finer detail here is what makes this deco idea so special.

A fusion of clean, funky and fresh; perfect for our all of our vintage lovers in search of a bargain.

Charity shops are crowded with vintage style and genuine vintage cast offs- some in need of a polish, some perfect and ready to go.

Get your creative cap on and scour your local charity shops now: there’s always bargains to be had.

Warm Elegance

One of the most popular venue styles is a décor which boasts warmth and elegance.

Delicate fairy lights, candle lights and floral features add a lovely touch and make virtually any venue sparkle. These simple features can be bought for next to nothing; virtually anywhere!

3-Image Courtesy of Sparth House Hotel, LancashireImage Courtesy of Sparth House Hotel, Lancashire

Outdoor Magic

Outdoor weddings are a difficult thing to achieve if you live in the UK and often come in at a hefty price too.

With the weather being unable to predict here in the UK, an outdoor wedding can be a risky one but, if you’ve opted for a garden reception, achieving class and elegance at a low price isn’t too difficult.

The decoration for outdoor events is usually in your surroundings so over the top table design is just unnecessary.

4 Image Courtesy of: A Good AffairImage Courtesy of: A Good Affair

Traditional British

British weddings traditionally occur in picturesque wedding venues along the countryside. Guests are dined with shiny silver cutlery and minimalistic, grandeur.

This formal, traditional table setting is typical of most hotel wedding packages which saves you the time and effort in planning the finer wedding details.

5 Image Courtesy of Sparth House HotelImage Courtesy of Sparth House Hotel

Your Wedding, Your Choice

We all know, a traditional wedding can cost tens-of-thousands of pounds: something many of us simply can’t afford.

Our advice when planning your wedding reception is to shop around and relax. After all, your wedding is yours and nobody else’s, as long as you’re happy, your guests will be happy and you’ve achieved a day to remember.

Top 5 Things You Need To Know About Having A Professional Fireworks Display At Your Wedding


(Photo credit: Fantastic Wedding Fireworks)

Planning your wedding is an exciting experience but can also prove to be very stressful with hundreds of things to consider to ensure the big day runs smoothly. Fireworks are almost synonymous with evening entertainment in a fairy tale wedding but as always there are a number of things to consider before you start planning. Fantastic Wedding Fireworks have rounded up 5 of these factors which they consider to be the most important. The award-winning company has been supplying wedding fireworks nationwide for over thirty years so they know a thing or two about the planning procedure!


First and foremost, check that your venue allows fireworks on site because otherwise you’ll end up having to choose between fireworks and your dream venue! If you’re getting married on a farm, chances are you won’t be allowed due to live stock, and residential areas will also restrict them for obvious reasons.

But of course, where there’s a will, there’s a way! Many professional fireworks companies offer their own range of silent fireworks. In plain English this means that you can have still light up the skies with an array of beautiful colours without the dramatic noise.


(Photo credit: Fantastic Wedding Fireworks)

If you’re thinking about doing your own fireworks, think again because 9/10 times the venue will insist on having the fireworks carried out by a professional company simply because they are well trained, aware of safety procedures and not to mention, they guaranteed a fabulous show!

Time restrictions

It is against the law to set off fireworks between 11pm to 7am and although the professional fireworks company will be aware of this, it means you may have to organise the display before the last dance. But as always, there are exceptions to the rule. You can go crazy with pyrotechnics until midnight on Bonfire Night and until 1am on New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year and Diwali!


This is by far, the most commonly asked question. Quite simply put, the budget is all dependant on the time limit and quality of the display. It will often be recommended to have no more than 4-5 minutes and slightly longer for bigger displays.


(Photo credit: Fantastic Wedding Fireworks)

Designing your fireworks display

If you want your wedding to be unique – a magnificent event that’s spoken about for months to come – the best way is to put your own stamp on it. So take the time to ensure your display will be bespoke made down to the small details. You can choose your own music and professionals will work to choreograph the fireworks so you can watch the pyrotechnics dance to a song that’s dearest to you. Also, you can choose particular sequences to make this display a romantic one including hearts and emojis. To learn more about choosing specific sequences and everything in between in under 10 minutes, watch this video:


The risks and hazards associated with fireworks is something well-experienced companies are very familiar with. A number of procedures are put in place to prevent incidents these include venue risk assessment and public liability insurance for all displays so you can enjoy your evening without having to worry.


(Photo credit: Fantastic Wedding Fireworks)

Classic, Simple and Elegant: How to Achieve The Perfect Traditional Look on Your Wedding Day

Belle Bridal - Traditional WeddingAs social media platforms like Pinterest dominate the creative world of wedding planning, there are a hundred and one different ways to make your wedding totally unique. However, when it comes to planning something classic, simple and elegant, there are perhaps fewer places where you can source the right kind of inspiration. That is why we’re here to strip back the bells and whistles and go back to the start, looking at how to create a more traditional bridal look on your wedding day.

Keep it clean and white

There are a number of different options when it comes to the colour of your wedding dress, and there have been many more modern brides who have chosen to dress in various different colours such as red, pink and even black. However, since Queen Victoria’s wedding to Prince Albert in 1840, white has been seen as the traditional choice. Before this wedding, brides were known to wear a variety of colours to their wedding.
Belle Bridal - Traditional Wedding
Say yes to the veil

If you’re looking to create a classic, simple and elegant wedding design, you should consider saying yes to the veil. Women were required, by law, to wear veils in many churches through the 19th century as a sign of modesty and submission. Some also believed that wearing a veil was a way of keeping evil spirits and bay, and it was worn during the ceremony to ensure purity. There are various different types of veil available, and the only ‘right’ choice is the one that makes you feel exceptional on your wedding day.

Recruit a few bridesmaids to accompany you down the aisle

Bridesmaids not only provide invaluable support throughout both the lead up to the wedding and on the wedding day itself, they were Belle Bridal - Traditional Weddingalso initially thought to bring protection to the bride during the ceremony. Bridesmaids traditionally dressed in the same colour as the bride, in order to confuse any evil spirits that might be trying to sabotage the ceremony and keep the couple from carrying out their wedding vows. However, in more recent years this has become less common, with bridesmaids dressed in a colour chosen by the bride and groom. However, if you’re looking to go for a more traditional design, follow in the footsteps of Kate Moss and source white gowns for both yourself and your bridesmaids.

Keep the dress modest

As Vogue publishes articles relating to the ways in which you can transform your wedding dress into a sexier, more revealing style, the traditional gown is more modest and less revealing. That is not to say that you should show absolutely no skin and dress only in the loosest of materials. Instead, we suggest looking to Kate Middleton for inspiration rather than Jodie Marsh and find a dress that flatters your figure whilst remaining classic and modest.

Add a touch of orange blossom into your bouquet

Belle Bridal - Traditional WeddingTraditionally, brides incorporated herbs into their wedding bouquets. However, as the years went by, flowers were then included as a symbol of fertility, utilising orange blossom as well as roses, hydrangeas and white tulips. During some more traditional wedding services, a young girl precedes the bride down the aisle, scattering blossoms down the aisle as a way of ensuring the bride’s path would always be ‘happy and filled with flowers’. If you’re looking to create a classic, traditional wedding service, go for a white bouquet filled with traditional flowers, and ask one of the younger members of your family or friends to scatter flowers in your path down the aisle.

Incorporate something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue into your look

Belle Bridal - Traditional WeddingSomething old, something new, something borrowed and something blue — these words are famous not simply because they rhyme, but also because each word carries a deeper meaning. Something old is said to link the bride with her past, reminding her of where she came from, whilst something new symbolises the bride’s future with her husband to be, preparing her for what’s ahead. Something borrowed is said to remind the bride that her family will always be with her, as well as ensuring she had a reason to visit her family and return the borrowed gift after the wedding. Finally, the something blue relates to the way in which the colour blue symbolise purity and therefore flashing a touch of blue gave the impression that the bride was pure and sacred before the day of the wedding. If you’re going for a more traditional look on your wedding day, adhere to this old rhyme and add a touch of old, new, borrowed and blue to your bridal fashion.
Author Bio: Jo Cowan and Claire Chapman have been running their wedding dress company in North London for over 6 years. Belle Bridal is a family run business, which aims to deliver the highest standard of service and make you feel like you’ve been welcomed into Jo and Claire’s own home. Their years of professional expertise means that brides can walk away with their dream wedding gown, without any of the usual stress. They specialise in sample dresses, so you can get a designer gown at a fraction of the price.