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How To Select A Wedding Photographer

Are you on the same level ? Do you like their artwork ? Look for something creative this is a good indicator of their skills.

Are they experienced ? ask about a wedding they have shot that will be similar to your wedding. Get them to talk about their last wedding photo experience

What look do you want? Do you want something stylish, spontaneous, exploring the joy of the day? Well ask the photographer about their presentation materials and what look they go for? If they cannot explain properly or coherently then they are not worth their salt.

Be specific – Let the photographer know what shots you have to have and even collect some visual examples from magazine, book or web. Photographers are always looking to expand their portfolio, so don’t be afraid to ask for a lot, the photographer should be delighted.

wedding photographyGet them to show you their albums – after all this is the legacy that you have allied to great pics. Be very wary with photo albums, some fall apart after a year and some after 5. I have seen it myself, especially with digital photo albums. It may be worth paying a fraction extra for archival quality with something well made and individually crafted.

Bespoke package – photographers will have packages that they create based on discounts from printers. However, they are creating your book and you are hiring them to produce 1st class work.  You need to let the photographer know about what you want and then let them come back to you with a quote.

So in essence

1)   Are they listening to you?

2)   What are the quality of their albums? Flimsy? Archival?

3)   Ask them what their style and approach to wedding photography is

4)   Would you trust that photographer to record your day?

Article written by Jonathan Talks

Choosing your Bridal Jewellery

The accessories brides wear on the day of their wedding is just one of the many decisions a bride will have to make when planning their big day.  What will they wear in their hair?  Should they go for a tiara or a comb?  Will they wear their hair up or down and will a tiara complement that best or should they go for a simple headband?

Bridalwedding jewellery jewellery comes in an array of designs and colours and is made using different types of beads and stones, these include Swarovski, diamante, freshwater pearls, Mother of pearl, Venetian glass and seed beads.

Tiaras are a very popular choice of headwear for a bride. They come in an array of shapes, sizes and designs ranging from regal diamante styles to intricate handcrafted styles using wires and beads. The choices are endless.

It is recommended that you choose your accessories after choosing your dress rather than before. If you opt for a Cinderella style ball gown wedding dress that is adorned with sparkling crystals or one that has a busy lace pattern, it would be wise to go for very simple, contemporary accessories. Maybe a delicate crystal or pearl necklace and simple headband or comb in your hair. To go for anything more ostentatious would be overkill and would detract from the beautiful presence of your dress.

On the other hand, if you opt for a classic, simple style then you can really go to town on your accessories by choosing the biggest, sparkling tiara you can find to an extravagant statement choker or cuff jewellery

The trend for vintage bridal jewellery is huge at the moment. Gorgeous statement diamante vintage necklaces from yesteryear look beautiful if worn with a vintage lace dress. A 1950’s diamante brooch for instance can transform a very plain dress by placing it on the sash or placed on a faux fur stole. You can also add a touch of glamour to your bridesmaid dresses by attaching a diamante brooch. Why not also combine your vintage find as your “something old”. Have a look and see what is lurking at the bottom of grandma’s jewellery box, you never know what treasures you may uncover!

Swarovski crystal is still by far one of the most popular choices for brides when they are choosing their jewellery and wedding accessories. The AB coating on the crystals give a dazzling rainbow effect when it catches the light and this is what makes it such a glamorous choice for the bride on her wedding day.

You naturally want to feel a million dollars on what is, one of the most important days of your life. By choosing the correct accessories and jewellery will only serve to help making you feel like a princess on your special day.

Article written by kerryblu

For richer or poorer…

Every time we hear the news or open a newspaper there’s another story telling us more bad news about the credit crunch. If you’re planning your wedding just now you’ve probably already witnessed the rising costs of wedding rings and honeymoon flights. Is it all doom and gloom or is there any good news?

Nearly Married Ltd., wedding gift list specialists, have researched the effect of the credit crunch on wedding gifts. This may be impacting on disposable income but so far it seems that it hasn’t affected how much people are prepared to spend on their wedding gift. Average spend remains unchanged from last year at around £50. And guests do not seem to be delaying the purchase of their gift until the last possible moment. “There will always be some guests who like to purchase a wedding gift as soon as the list is available so that they get the widest choice to pick from and then there are others who will buy their gift closer to, or after, the event” say Nearly Married. “If guests are feeling the pinch from the credit crunch, our research shows that at present they are not spending any less or delaying their purchase”.

Another significant finding in Nearly Married’s research is the type of gifts being purchased. “Our service enables couples to mix traditional wedding gifts like pots and pans with money and we’re finding that it’s becoming much more the norm for couples to ask for a mix of money, gift vouchers and gifts, or just money. And when it’s money it’s nearly always used for the honeymoon. Guests seem to be quite happy to contribute cash towards specific items such as a romantic meal for two and will often pick these gifts rather than the more traditional type of wedding gift” say Nearly Married. “Our advice to couples is to try to be specific about how the money will be used so that guests know what they’re buying. And by customising elements of your honeymoon, for example asking for ‘Afternoon tea at the Burj al Arab, Dubai’ it’s a fun way to let guests find out more about your dream honeymoon.

Over recent years more and more couples have been using their wedding list as a way to raise money for charity, particularly for charities which are relevant to their immediate family. Will charities lose out because of the credit crunch? According to Nearly Married couples are still keen to help charities when they pick their wedding gifts, even if they’re just mixing a few charity gifts with other gifts. And they don’t expect this to change. “However, if the credit crunch deepens we may see gifts of money becoming even more popular choices for couples, but so far it hasn’t had an impact on how much guests will spend on the gift itself.” say Nearly Married.

Article written by Nearly Married

Clip On Earrings for Your Wedding Day?

Clip on earrings are back and they are here to stay. If you look well enough you will see clip on earrings back in style, be it long ones, short ones, classic in their design or the trendier type. The style first became popular in the 1980s when the singer slash actress Madonna first started wearing clip on for some time, but in later years they become more of a retro statement. Their appeal came from the ease of wearing the earring, as unlike traditional ones, there is no need to pierce the ear. While some designers kept a few lines of clip on earrings and clip on charms available to order most had abandoned the style in favor of other contemporary consumer taste.

The comeback of clip on earrings was very apparent in the last Golden Globe awards (2011) when famous celebrities including Eva Longoria came wearing the style. It seems that the style is signaling a growing trend of going back to 1980s designs. The earrings themselves are made from a wide range of materials, from plastic to crystals and minerals and the design varies from the traditional even vintage looking to the trendier look. Unlike traditional earrings that require the sheer weight of the earring hanging of a small section of the ear,
clip on are better at distributing the weight over the ear and therefore heavier stones can be warn safely.

The growing fashion trend in recent time has been around vintage and retro looking styles. Clip on are no longer considered out of date, on the contrary they are considered quite stylish nowadays. Of course, in some cultures the style never faded. In Japan for example, local tradition is not in favor of piercing the ear and so clip on have always been part of the local fashion scene. There is no question that clip on earrings have made a strong comeback amongst younger and older woman alike. Why not consider wearing a pair?

Article by UK sphere of life.

Top Tips For Beautiful Bridal Hair

Article provided by Joyce Connor, owner of Brides and Beauty

hair_21. Choosing the style
You’ll want to look wonderful on your wedding day, so take control.  Rule out the styles that you wouldn’t personally feel comfortable with; this will help with the final choice. It does not matter what your mother, sister, best friend or hairstylist like – what really matters is what you want and like.

2. Browse Magazines and the Internet for ideas
Before booking a stylist, try to develop a good idea of what type of hairstyle suits you best. Cut out pictures of your favourite styles from magazines, print pictures from the Internet and take them with you to the trial appointment. If you can’t find any pictures, be prepared to give a very clear description to the stylist.

3. Does it go with the dress?
Purchase your wedding dress first and then decide which hair style and accessories will best compliment both you and the dress. Take a picture of your dress with you when you visit the stylist so they can give you the best advice on how to achieve total harmony between dress and hairstyle.

4. Trial Run
Have a trial run before your wedding day. I would recommend this trial run to be 6 weeks before the day itself. If the hairstyle that you dreamed of does not look as good as you’d hoped, you’ll be glad you found out before the big day! Bear in mind that the thickness and length of your hair may not be suitable for your chosen style. Make sure you take your veil, tiara or any other accessories along to the appointment.

5. Comfort Levels
During the trial run if the pins or hair accessories are causing discomfort, let your stylist know so they can be adjusted. The last thing you need on your wedding day is painful pins!

hair_36. Take pictures
At your trial appointment take along a digital camera to take pictures. Ask the stylist to take pictures from all angles. The photos will give you a better idea of how the style would look to other people.

7. A Fresh Approach
If you want to have your hair coloured, or to have any other chemical treatments for the big day, try to have these done a few weeks before so that the colour has time to settle down. Have your final trim or cut no later than two weeks prior to the wedding date.

8. No Change Here
Just before your wedding is not the time to try out a drastic new look, such as cutting your long hair into a short style or completely changing the colour. Your husband and guests will be left wondering if it’s the same person!

hair_19. Tall or Short
If you are taller than the groom or you are both the same height, avoid a high hair style as this can add quite a lot of height to the bride. Also take into account the height of your shoes. A bride that is much shorter than the groom can use a ‘hair up’ style to even out the height difference for those all important wedding day photos.

10. Sleek and Glamorous
Try not to have too elaborate a hairstyle. While it is undoubtedly a very important part of your whole bridal look, on the most important day of your life it is beautiful you, not just your hair, that should be the point of your guests’, and your groom’s, attention.

Article provided by Joyce Connor, owner of Brides and Beauty

Choosing lingerie for the wedding night

Your wedding is said to be the most perfect day of your life, but what people fail to mention is that it should be the best night of your life too. It is important that your wedding night is just as special to you as the wedding itself. Most brides-to-be spend hours, days and even weeks searching for that perfect wedding dress, but neglect wedding lingerie. For the night to be as memorable as you want it to be, you need to feel and look like a goddess. Getting the right wedding night lingerie is an important part of making you feel a million dollars.

Every woman can find gorgeous lingerie that will make her feel beautiful and sexy. It is important not to rush when buying wedding lingerie. Many soon to be brides make a mad dash to the shops to find perfect lingerie, but come back disappointed. Wedding lingerie needs to be sexy, yet classy and elegant at the same time. You need to start looking for lingerie about a month in advance of your wedding.

Don`t go for lingerie that you will not feel comfortable in. You should feel proud, not embarrassed when you reveal your wedding lingerie for the first time so make sure you can imagine yourself wearing the items. Think about the material of your lingerie. Any items made from silk or satin will feel great against your skin and are bound to please your new husband. If you are feeling daring, go for something see through to get his pulse racing. If you are conscious of your figure go for items that combine cotton with sheer material. This will tease your husband and help you to cover up the bits you are less happy to reveal.

It is essential that you choose lingerie to flatter your body type. Many people pick wedding night lingerie without even considering whether it is right for their shape and size. You need to think what your best features are and play up to them. If you love your legs but hate your tummy, get yourself an empire waisted baby doll dress. This will accentuate your legs and disguise a wobbly tummy. A corset is a great option for all body types. However, it flatters women with athletic bodies in particular, as it creates seductive curves you never knew you had.

Remember to think about accessories. You may want a pair of stiletto heels to make your new husband go wild. Lacy suspenders are also a popular choice combined with sexy stockings.

When picking wedding night lingerie, go for a well known brand. This will ensure the pieces are well made and materials are of high quality. Alternatively go for a celebrity brand of lingerie. There are many available that provide stunningly beautiful, high quality items. For example, the Elle Macpherson intimates collection contains many luxurious items that would be perfect for the special night. In particular, the Boudoir selection will help give you and your new husband a night you will always remember.

All Eyes Are On You! – Bridal Makeup

When you’re walking down the aisle, you really desire Makeup to be flawless. Professional Bridal Makeup Artist Isabelle Roberts of Makeup By Isabelle reveals the hottest tips for our 2010 brides.

Elegance. This is the key word for Brides. As a Bride you need to be brave and steer away from the natural look. The natural look always points towards a washed-out looking bride on her photographs. You need to start thinking grown-up beauty with a touch of glamour. Be brave!

makeuppiccThere are many magic rules all Brides in the know can follow. Steer clear from the old myth of playing up either the eyes or the lips. You are one complete canvas and with clever techniques and a bespoke colour pallet, your entire makeup look will flawlessly seam together.

It’s all about definition. Sheer, pretty shadows teamed with a heavier lash line is both pretty and emphasising. You really don’t need 6 colours of eyeshadow and complex application. By choosing complimentary colours like pinks and silvers and peaches and creams, you are allowing the colours to do all the work for you. Add a little light-reflecting eyeshadow shimmer and your look is modern and fresh for that bright doe-eyed look!

Isabelle recommends making use of all the wonderful lash products on the market. Individual lashes can do so much to open up your eyes. By applying a few on the outside of your own lash line they will lift and open up the eye in an instant! There are also some amazing false lash effect mascaras out there that do just the trick. Concentrate on those outer lashes and comb between applications and you will literally flutter down that aisle!

For Liners, go for a soft and sooty black. Brown is dulling and can actually make you appear tired and sallow. Liquid liner can also be harsh and can look far too trendy and young on camera. You require your eyes to have a beautiful soft focus look to them so think smudgy.

For lips, they are glossy and sheer with a pop of colour. Your lips don’t need to be bright. It’s all about testing colours that will suit you and link to your look. One pro tip is to avoid all the long wear lip products out there. They tend to be drying and will flake over time. Sadly, re-applying your lip colour throughout the day is the only answer for beautiful plump lips. So keep your lipstick handy in your little bridal bag!

Brides are experimenting with colour and why not! One fabulous way to use colour is on the cheeks. There are some ultra pretty and feminine cheek products out there. Isabelle recommends using a cream blush to define your cheeks and finish off with a powder blush with a little shimmer to really give your cheeks that beautiful bridal flush. Combining the two products will prove a longer lasting colour and definition to the cheek. Colours that are beautiful are peaches and antique rose pinks. Try not to go for baby pinks which can make you look far too flushed. Think pretty and natural for that “pinch your cheeks” flush.

Flower pallette MakeupThere are many wonderful products out there to be explored. Over her many years as a Bridal Makeup Artist Isabelle has discovered many brides feel overwhelmed with makeup choices. Isabelle always recommends her brides gather up inspirational photographs and colour swatches and bring them along for a makeup master class. Masterclasses advise you on colour and products to suit you individually and avoid you spending hundreds of pounds on products you may never use again. By gathering the information together, you will have a clearer idea of how you want to look on the say and not feel so bogged down by
the science of makeup!

So when it comes to planning your fabulous entrance, make sure you do it with confidence and glamour. Think colour, shimmer and fluttery lashes. Most importantly, be brave!

Isabelle is an established professional Bridal Makeup Artist and is available in the North West of the UK. Please visit her website for further information.

Top 10 Health and Beauty Wedding Tips

Two weeks before the wedding:

  1. Try to get 8 hours of sleep a night. Getting regular good nights sleep can help improve your skin tone and also help you to de-stress so that you can totally glow on your big day. If you have trouble sleeping, avoid sweets or caffeine before bed and try relaxation exercises such as yoga or meditation. Aromatherapy can also help, so try a few drops of lavender on your pillow and it should help you sleep like a baby.
  2. Drink 2 litres of water every day. Drinking lots of water is an easy way of helping to achieve a radiant complexion, bright clear eyes and also gives you that added burst of energy. If you find it difficult to drink so much water, try carrying a bottle with you wherever you go. Or if you find water tasteless to drink, then simply add a few splashes of fresh lemon or lime into it.
  3. Full body exfoliation 3 times a week. This is a sure fire way of reducing lines and wrinkles as well as helping your skin look and feel radiant.
  4. 15 minutes of stretches every day. Keep limbered and stress-free for your wedding day with 15 minutes of stretches. Stretching regularly will help reduce any build-up of tension, as well as your posture. You don’t need much space and you can even do some at work (
  5. Have a make-up test run. Whether you are employing a professional make-up artist or doing it yourself, make sure that you have a trial run just to make sure that you get the look that you really want and that you are not allergic to any of the make-up being used.
  6. Pamper yourself. Treat yourself to a facial, manicure or massage, so that you feel relaxed and look
    gorgeous. Hen pamper parties are a great way of you and your girlfriends enjoying some beauty and health treatments before the big day.
  7. On the wedding day:
    Use concealer one tone lighter than your skin tone. This lightens dark circles, brightens your face and helps you look rested. Lock it in with loose powder applied over the top.
  8. Use waterproof mascara. Most brides cry on their wedding day, so make sure you are wearing waterproof mascara – even if you don’t think you are the crying type – why take the chance?
  9. Have an emergency health/beauty kit. Make sure that you or your chief bridesmaid has an essential stash of emergency items. Hair spray, clear nail varnish (if your tights ladder), powder and concealer for any blemishes, lip stick, hair grips, hairbrush and a sewing kit , as well as anything else you think you may need.
  10. Relax. You have planned so long for this day, so make sure you enjoy it and are totally relaxed. Make sure that you set aside some YOU time on the day whether its by taking a long relaxing bath, lighting some candles of simply reading a favourite book.

If you would like to pamper yourself and your friends with the ultimate mobile spa for your hen party then please contact . Look out for any special offers that we might be running too.

Destination Wedding Dresses – 10 tips to help you choose

Choosing a wedding dress is such an important part of any brides wedding planning experience but if you’re getting married abroad there are specific things to consider in order to make the right destination wedding dress choice.

As an overseas wedding planner I work with brides coming from cool European climates to marry on our warm Mediterranean shores. They often ask me for tips on the style of dress to choose so I’ve put my advice together here in a 10 tip list.

1) Consider the climate of your destination wedding. Overseas temperatures of 30 degrees aren’t conducive to heavily structured numbers with hoops and petticoats.

2) Ideally choose natural fibre fabrics that allow your skin to breathe. You’ll find silk versions of lightweight satin, taffeta, organza, crepe and chiffon ideal. (Same goes for the groom, choose a light weight natural fibre suit. Consider foregoing a jacket all together in favour of a crisp linen of polished cotton shirt. There are some great specialist shirt makers catering for overseas weddings.)

3) Fabrics tend to crease and crumple more in humid climates so try to choose a style that won’t crush too much throughout the day. Get the photos out of the way early so your dress looks its best.

4) Getting married in a warm climate means you’re going to sweat. Harsh but true… If you choose a dress with a fitted sleeve consider underarm dress shields so you don’t stain the fabric.

5) Don’t compromise just because you’re marrying abroad. Knee length understated dresses aren’t compulsory. You deserve the gown of your dreams. As overseas weddings become ever more popular and ceremonies more elaborate, full length dream dresses are quite the norm!

6) That said do try to be a little practical. A dress with an 8ft Cathedral train is going to pose a lot of transportation problems on the flight to your wedding destination.

7) Overseas weddings venues invariably seem less formal so choose your dress with this in mind. An ‘uber’ chic number more suited to the city will look very out of place if you’re bare foot on a beach.

8) Destination weddings are ideal for brides that want something aside from white or cream. Coloured wedding dresses fit quite nicely into an overseas theme and coordinate beautifully with exotic floral plans.

9) Shop around for your gown. Some great on and off line retailers offer ranges of dresses designed specifically for destination weddings. These collections are created with comfort and wear ability in mind, in lightweight fabrics and simple lines that look gorgeous and ‘pack’ beautifully.

10) If your budget is tight don’t worry, destination wedding dresses by the nature of their simplicity become an excellent choice for the price conscious bride. Today’s wedding market place makes quality and style accessible to all budgets.

So that’s my tips on how to choose a perfect destination wedding dress that fulfils all your dreams whilst remaining comfortable to wear.

Two recurrent concerns for a lot of my bridal clients are:-

How do I know what style of dress will suit me? And where can I find a wedding dress I can afford?

Fortunately picking that perfect dress and side stepping extortionate recommended retail prices are favorite topics of mine….

Michele Farrow is an experienced overseas wedding coordinator and webmaster of her info packed overseas wedding mini guide. Learn more about her wedding planning service and share in her wealth of experience.

Article written by © Michele Farrow – all rights reserved