Why Christmas Is The Perfect Time To Propose

By | 29th October 2015

With the excitement of Christmas just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about how to make the holiday period perfect for yourself, your friends and loved ones. From cooking the tastiest Christmas dinner to selecting the most thoughtful gifts for those closest to you, although it is a busy time with a lot to think about it is the best time to show people that you care. If you are trying to find the perfect gift for your partner then why not consider a Christmas proposal? It is a very popular time to do so for many people and what better time than when the whole family is around to share the experience with? There isn’t a time more perfect to show your partner how much they mean to you, and picking out the ring is all part of the Christmas fun. We spoke with Laurelle Antique Jewellery to find out a little more on why Christmas is the perfect time to propose!

Christmas = Love

Love is  a huge part of Christmas and it unites families and relatives to create a great experience for everyone. Whether you have a huge family or it is a more intimate affair, spending time with loved ones is what is most important around this time. A proposal can join people together and not only the couple. It is likely that you will need other opinions when choosing the ring maybe your partners mum or best friends and this can make some great days out full of holiday spirit and excitement. However as I mentioned earlier, Christmas is a very popular time for proposals for all the reasons I have just mentioned, so get searching for the perfect ring early in order to make your proposal as amazing as it can be. It may seem daunting having to find an engagement ring on top of gifts for the rest of the family, however when you ask the big question on Christmas morning it will be more than worth it.

The Thought Which Goes Into The Ring

A lot of thought should go into the ring, especially if you don’t have any idea what her ideal engagement ring looks like. You may be lucky enough to have seen a picture or have a great idea of what kind of jewellery she is into, however choosing a ring she loves will mean a lot to her and show how well you really know her. Antique engagement rings are extremely popular with brides to be for many reasons, and there is an antique ring suitable for anyone. Some people may frown upon the fact it is a second hand piece, however once they see the real beauty of it it is sure to blow them away. Although modern engagement rings have a simple elegance to them, they lack true personality and beauty which is what you will find in an antique ring. With their beautiful and intricate designs along with the romantic history behind the ring, antique engagement rings are the perfect choice and it will be the perfect surprise for you partner on Christmas morning. There are many decades to choose from which makes it more than possible for you to find the perfect ring and there are many places where you can invest in an antique ring, so get searching today to make this Christmas one to remember for a lifetime.