Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Antique Engagement Ring

By | 15th November 2015

There is a lot of pressure on men nowadays to choose the perfect engagement ring for their partner, and if you aren’t lucky enough to have been shown the perfect ring or have a wife to be who wants to choose her own, the whole process can seen quite daunting. The perfect ring should suit her personality, compliment her other jewellery well and also be a style and design which won’t age and go out of fashion in time, and although you can choose the easy option and go for something modern and simple, why not consider an antique engagement ring?suggests Antique Rings Online ( There are many benefits to antique engagement rings which make them far more perfect and desirable than a brand new ring, and your partner will have something special to wear for a lifetime. The designs are intricate and beautiful, they are great quality and will have many more years left in them and they also hold mysterious romantic history which makes them the perfect type of ring for a proposal.

Knowing What To Choose

Knowing which ring to choose can be difficult, however finding the best place for you which sells antique engagement rings can really help. If you are someone who loves to see things in front of them and finds shopping exciting then there are many antique jewellery shops and markets which have many rings to offer. This means you can see the quality and condition of the ring in person and you will know exactly what you are investing your money on. Not only this but if the seller has a lot of experience in antique jewellery they will be able to make useful suggestions and tell you more about the pieces you are interested in. However, it is easy for a seller to overprice antique jewellery and they can successfully do so if the buyer doesn’t know much about the market. To avoid this it is necessary to do some research beforehand to have a rough idea of prices on the market and what you will get for your money. The most popular place to buy antique jewellery is now online and it is made much easier from the comfort of your own home. You are able to spend hours browsing and there will be many more rings online for you to choose from, however the drawback is that pictures aren’t always reliable and you won’t be able to see the exact quality for yourself. If this is the best option for you then find out the refund and return policies before you commit to a certain piece as it may not be what you expected when it arrives.

Getting Someone Elses Opinion

Another great tip is to get someone else’s opinion on the type of ring your partner may like. Asking your future wife’s mum or best friend will give you another perspective and they may have a better idea than you being another female or if they have been jewellery shopping together. If jewellery isn’t something you are interested in then it is unlikely that you take much notice in the jewellery she buys and wears on a regular basis, however a female opinion and a trip to her jewellery box may give you some great ideas. With antique jewellery there are many styles and designs to choose from all from different eras and there will be one which suits her perfectly. An engagement ring is something which your partner will look at and wear every day of her life, so it is an important decision for you with little room for mistakes. If you have a specific occasion or date which you want to propose then get planning in advance and leave plenty of time to find the perfect ring to make the proposal as perfect as it can be.