5 Reasons Why a Saxophonist is Perfect for Your Wedding Entertainment

By | 7th December 2017

5 Reasons Why a Saxophonist is Perfect for Your Wedding Entertainment

Saxophonists are becoming increasingly popular when couples are looking for some live music and wedding entertainment to enhance their day. Here are 5 reasons why a saxophonist is the perfect addition to your live wedding entertainment.

Unique Entertainment

The saxophone is an amazing instrument and it’s unlikely that guests will have seen it played live many times before. Brides and grooms these days want to stand out and have something different at their weddings. Mixing up your live music is a great way to do this and a saxophone is sure to make an impact.

saxophonsist wedding entertainment

Effortlessly Cool

In the right hands, the saxophone is undeniably cool in both look and sound. It’s smooth tones and sophisticated ambience can do wonders for your wedding day. As soon as your saxophonist starts to perform it will set the tone immediately.

saxophonsist wedding entertainment


A saxophonist can perform anywhere and at any time. Seriously. They are one of the most versatile wedding musicians around especially as they are able to mix and mingle with your guests on the dance floor whilst performing live simultaneously. They also work for any part of the day whether it’s your ceremony, drinks reception or evening entertainment!

saxophonsist wedding entertainment

Affordable Wedding Entertainment

Booking a solo musician is beneficial in more ways than one. When it comes to saxophonists they are definitely one of the more affordable options. If you’re on a budget but still want to make an impact with your live music then you can’t go wrong with a saxophonist.


Bigger Line-Ups

Saxophonists are incredible as solo musicians but are taken to the next level when paired with other musicians. The combination of Sax, DJ & Percussion has proved very popular recently with couples wanting that ‘Ibiza’ club feel on their night. Add LED saxophone options to this and your wedding will be a night to remember…

saxophonsist wedding entertainment

Article by Joey Burdon of Warble Entertainment