How to Avoid Being Bride-zilla on Your Big Day

By | 27th July 2015

As your weddings approaching, you’re finalising the finer details in time for the big day and, naturally, you’re starting to feel the heat.

What if the wedding DJ doesn’t show up?

Did we order enough wine?

Did we miss anyone off the guest list?

The thoughts of pure panic every bride faces during those final weeks, days and hours of unmarried life…

Forget the Fear: Excitement Is Near

On your big day, confidence is the key to enjoying your wedding.

Be that bride in the centre of every picture, not hiding away from guests because you’re consciously pondering the worst.

Think you can avoid being that huffy bridezilla bridesmaids despise and hairdressers fear?

You can do it: here’s how!

Take a break

Sometimes, being over-worked, being over-tired and masses of over-thinking can be a recipe for absolute disaster.

Avoid reaching the point where you begin to despise wedding planning by taking a step back and enjoying your engagement.

Continue dating your other half- ban wedding talk from time to time… relax and remember: it’ll be alright on the night.

Talk, talk, talk!

Let’s be frank; wedding planning does become stressful. It’s important, if there’s something that’s bothering you, your friend, husband-to-be or family member: you need to get it out.

Be honest, be straight to the point but, most importantly, be fair!

Like a boiling volcano: a woman suppressing frustration at some point will erupt and, well the last thing we want is for this to be on your wedding day!

Just remember: it’s not always what you say, it’s the way you say it so keep calm and carry on.

Look the Part

So, it’s the morning of your wedding. All the hard work is done; all that’s left to do is slip into your wedding dress and marry the love of your life.

If you look the part, you’ll radiate confidence putting every one of your guests, and more importantly: your husband-to-be at ease.

Remember, shoulders back, head high and relax- you look beautiful, own it.

Believe in Yourself

It’s your big day.

Everyone who loves you, cares for you and wishes you well are on hand supporting you in your transition to married life.

All eyes are on you- in the best possible way.

Believe in yourself, stride towards the love of your life, make your vows and look forward to your bright future filled with love, care and companionship.

Don’t compromise your big day because of stress! Follow these simple steps and eliminate the bridezilla in you.

All the best and be sure to let us here at Your UK Wedding Directory know how your special day panned out!

With Love,

The team.x