Have you ever considered proposing with a loose diamond?

By | 9th August 2015

So, the time in your relationship has arrived where you are considering proposing to your significant other. But how do you choose perfect engagement ring? With so many elements to consider, how can you be sure that you will choose a ring guaranteed to make their heart melt?
More and more, people are choosing to propose with a loose diamond, but if this sounds a little too adventurous for you, let us explain why this could potentially be the best decision you will ever make.

You can still have the joy of a proposal

Proposing with a loose diamond, rather than a ring won’t take away your opportunity to “pop” the question. This is one of the most memorable moments you will experience as a couple and more often than you would think, the person getting down on one knee fears for their choice of ring. Purchasing the diamond first and having it placed in a simple setting, will allow you to still experience the surprise on their face, whilst minimising your anxiety about the choice of ring.

Stay in control of your budget

As you can imagine, buying a diamond isn’t exactly a romantic experience, so choosing one together could cause unnecessary stress. You will potentially be making one of the biggest investments of your life, requiring hours upon hours of research and evaluation of your finances. And negotiating with a sales assistant, whilst trying to make a thoughtful decision about what your fiance-to-be would want, doesn’t make a good environment for decision making. Purchase the diamond first, giving yourself control over the most important and expensive component of the ring, take your time deciding, then you can ensure you stay within your budget.

You can choose your perfect setting

Being able to design your own engagement ring, is something many girls dream of. Once you have chosen the diamond, you can give them free reign over choosing their perfect setting.  This means that regardless of whether they want a diamond halo, or a unique solitaire, you have taken care of the biggest proportion of the cost, whilst still giving them what they want.  You may even find that they fall in love with a simple solitaire, as it allows them to perfectly showcase their new diamond.

If you can’t find the ideal setting, visit a custom jewellery maker, who will be able to assist you in designing and creating a unique engagement ring setting to suit your diamond.
In a short space of time, your fiancee could have a completely original engagement ring, unseen by any one other than yourselves.

If you decided to propose using a temporary solitaire setting, some jewellers may allow you to use the precious metal towards your new setting.

Purchasing the diamond separately saves you money.

Purchasing a loose diamond from a diamond wholesaler, will typically save you up to 40% on the price that you would pay for a ring of the same specification, chosen from a jewellery store. This saving in itself, can be contributed towards covering the cost of your new setting.

So, there you have it. Just a few of the reasons why proposing with a loose diamond, is a fabulous choice if it is time for you to pop the big question.