Clip On Earrings for Your Wedding Day?

By | 20th June 2015

Clip on earrings are back and they are here to stay. If you look well enough you will see clip on earrings back in style, be it long ones, short ones, classic in their design or the trendier type. The style first became popular in the 1980s when the singer slash actress Madonna first started wearing clip on for some time, but in later years they become more of a retro statement. Their appeal came from the ease of wearing the earring, as unlike traditional ones, there is no need to pierce the ear. While some designers kept a few lines of clip on earrings and clip on charms available to order most had abandoned the style in favor of other contemporary consumer taste.

The comeback of clip on earrings was very apparent in the last Golden Globe awards (2011) when famous celebrities including Eva Longoria came wearing the style. It seems that the style is signaling a growing trend of going back to 1980s designs. The earrings themselves are made from a wide range of materials, from plastic to crystals and minerals and the design varies from the traditional even vintage looking to the trendier look. Unlike traditional earrings that require the sheer weight of the earring hanging of a small section of the ear,
clip on are better at distributing the weight over the ear and therefore heavier stones can be warn safely.

The growing fashion trend in recent time has been around vintage and retro looking styles. Clip on are no longer considered out of date, on the contrary they are considered quite stylish nowadays. Of course, in some cultures the style never faded. In Japan for example, local tradition is not in favor of piercing the ear and so clip on have always been part of the local fashion scene. There is no question that clip on earrings have made a strong comeback amongst younger and older woman alike. Why not consider wearing a pair?

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