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By | 15th April 2015

A well made video will become a treasured reminder of our special day.However, it is one of the most difficult of video productions to undertake, requiring dedicated equipment and very special skills. It is unwise to entrust the task to a family member or friend who happens to have a camcorder and is longing to “have a go”.

A professional videographer will use a minimum of two cameras far superior to the average domestic camcorder plus specialist microphones and other ancillary equipment. Naturally, this all comes at a price and caution should be exercised when seeking a videographer. These tend to fall into 3 main groups:-

  1. Full time professional videographers
  2. Part time semi professional
  3. Hobbyist

Many true professional videographers will belong to a trade organization such as the Institute of Videography. All Institute members must adhere to a strict code of practice in the conduct of their business, have an understanding of legal requirements (eg copyright issues and Health and Safety regulations) and should also possess both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance.

It is also very important for your videographer to be able to blend with your guests, work unobtrusively and not encroach on your privacy. It is normal for couples to be nervous on their special day and the videographer must be able to capture the moment without your being aware of their presence.

During your search you will notice large variations in fees charged. Bear in mind the costs a true professional must face when deciding a fee. Domestic camcorders simply are not suitable for the task so most professionals will use cameras costing from £5000 to £25000 each. Editing after the event will require many hours. We would suggest couples anticipate a minimum fee of £900, but this could increase to £2000 or £3000 depending on the equipment in use. Those who book early, at least a year
in advance, can often obtain a better price for early booking.

Our recommendations for your checklist:

  • Qualified member of a trade organization
  • Professional or part-time semi-professional
  • Fully insured
  • Copyright licences provided
  • Correct equipment and necessary skills
  • Sufficient cameras/operators
  • Sample video with correct exposure, no hunting for focus and no shaky shots. Also ensure it is their own work and not pirated
  • Expect to pay £900 minimum
  • Meet your videographer in person before deciding. REMEMBER It is not that latest, high tech camera that is making your wedding DVD, it is the person behind the camera.

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