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Classic, Simple and Elegant: How to Achieve The Perfect Traditional Look on Your Wedding Day

Belle Bridal - Traditional WeddingAs social media platforms like Pinterest dominate the creative world of wedding planning, there are a hundred and one different ways to make your wedding totally unique. However, when it comes to planning something classic, simple and elegant, there are perhaps fewer places where you can source the right kind of inspiration. That is why we’re here to strip back the bells and whistles and go back to the start, looking at how to create a more traditional bridal look on your wedding day.

Keep it clean and white

There are a number of different options when it comes to the colour of your wedding dress, and there have been many more modern brides who have chosen to dress in various different colours such as red, pink and even black. However, since Queen Victoria’s wedding to Prince Albert in 1840, white has been seen as the traditional choice. Before this wedding, brides were known to wear a variety of colours to their wedding.
Belle Bridal - Traditional Wedding
Say yes to the veil

If you’re looking to create a classic, simple and elegant wedding design, you should consider saying yes to the veil. Women were required, by law, to wear veils in many churches through the 19th century as a sign of modesty and submission. Some also believed that wearing a veil was a way of keeping evil spirits and bay, and it was worn during the ceremony to ensure purity. There are various different types of veil available, and the only ‘right’ choice is the one that makes you feel exceptional on your wedding day.

Recruit a few bridesmaids to accompany you down the aisle

Bridesmaids not only provide invaluable support throughout both the lead up to the wedding and on the wedding day itself, they were Belle Bridal - Traditional Weddingalso initially thought to bring protection to the bride during the ceremony. Bridesmaids traditionally dressed in the same colour as the bride, in order to confuse any evil spirits that might be trying to sabotage the ceremony and keep the couple from carrying out their wedding vows. However, in more recent years this has become less common, with bridesmaids dressed in a colour chosen by the bride and groom. However, if you’re looking to go for a more traditional design, follow in the footsteps of Kate Moss and source white gowns for both yourself and your bridesmaids.

Keep the dress modest

As Vogue publishes articles relating to the ways in which you can transform your wedding dress into a sexier, more revealing style, the traditional gown is more modest and less revealing. That is not to say that you should show absolutely no skin and dress only in the loosest of materials. Instead, we suggest looking to Kate Middleton for inspiration rather than Jodie Marsh and find a dress that flatters your figure whilst remaining classic and modest.

Add a touch of orange blossom into your bouquet

Belle Bridal - Traditional WeddingTraditionally, brides incorporated herbs into their wedding bouquets. However, as the years went by, flowers were then included as a symbol of fertility, utilising orange blossom as well as roses, hydrangeas and white tulips. During some more traditional wedding services, a young girl precedes the bride down the aisle, scattering blossoms down the aisle as a way of ensuring the bride’s path would always be ‘happy and filled with flowers’. If you’re looking to create a classic, traditional wedding service, go for a white bouquet filled with traditional flowers, and ask one of the younger members of your family or friends to scatter flowers in your path down the aisle.

Incorporate something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue into your look

Belle Bridal - Traditional WeddingSomething old, something new, something borrowed and something blue — these words are famous not simply because they rhyme, but also because each word carries a deeper meaning. Something old is said to link the bride with her past, reminding her of where she came from, whilst something new symbolises the bride’s future with her husband to be, preparing her for what’s ahead. Something borrowed is said to remind the bride that her family will always be with her, as well as ensuring she had a reason to visit her family and return the borrowed gift after the wedding. Finally, the something blue relates to the way in which the colour blue symbolise purity and therefore flashing a touch of blue gave the impression that the bride was pure and sacred before the day of the wedding. If you’re going for a more traditional look on your wedding day, adhere to this old rhyme and add a touch of old, new, borrowed and blue to your bridal fashion.
Author Bio: Jo Cowan and Claire Chapman have been running their wedding dress company in North London for over 6 years. Belle Bridal is a family run business, which aims to deliver the highest standard of service and make you feel like you’ve been welcomed into Jo and Claire’s own home. Their years of professional expertise means that brides can walk away with their dream wedding gown, without any of the usual stress. They specialise in sample dresses, so you can get a designer gown at a fraction of the price.

Top Tips For Choosing The Right Wedding Photographer

With modern technology and the amazing range of cameras and camera equipment out there nowadays, wedding photography has become more beautiful and impressive than ever. Choosing the right wedding photographer for you can help the memories remain exactly how you want to picture them, and it is a hugely important part of many people’s weddings nowadays. People are willing to spend a lot of money in order to receive the perfect wedding pictures for them, and rightly so as it will be one of the most important days of your life which you will want to remember fondly. There is a huge variety of wedding photographers out there and it is easier than ever to become successful again due to the amazing camera equipment available and also the creativity of the individual photographers who each create their own personal style for people to lust after.

Choose The Right Photographer For YOU

It is crucial to choose the right wedding photographer for you, and it is definitely something you should spend a lot of time taking careful consideration over. It is likely you will know what style of photography you love the most and which will best reflect you as a couple, however there will still be a huge array of photographers available who use your preferred style. “Whether you love black and white, muted colours, fun and bright, a traditional style or more natural imagery, you will need to do plenty of research in order to find the perfect photographer for you.” Says Francesca Hill, a Cardiff based wedding photographer. Many people are able to find their wedding photographer through family and friends who have had a wedding themselves, however if you think you have found the perfect wedding photographer for you then don’t be afraid to spend money in order to get the images you will love forever. Wedding photographers aren’t cheap due to many things including the length of time spent at the wedding and also as it is a huge occasion, but you will only live this day once so spending the necessary amount will be more than worth it for a lifetime of memories.

A Whole Host Of Options

It has been known for couples to fly photographers over from other countries for their wedding images showing how important it is to many people to get them right. Many people own cameras nowadays so it is likely that you will receive a large variety of images from friends and family anyway, however you always want that perfect album to show your children and grandchildren. “The top tips for finding the perfect wedding photographer for you are research as many wedding photographers as you can, have an album of wedding imagery you love to show the photographer to give them a good idea of what you are looking for and also be open to suggestions, suggests Katy of Katy & Co wedding photographers in London.” You should always take control of choosing the wedding photographer yourself. Don’t ever let a family member or friend choose the photographer as a wedding gift if it is highly important to you as it is likely that your tastes will be very different and you won’t like the images at all. It’s ok to be picky about all the details for your wedding day to truly make it a day to remember, and the perfect wedding photographer will be there to capture every moment and all the finer details you spent so much time perfecting. A great photographer will capture every emotion throughout the day and not miss a single moment, and choosing the right photographer for you will keep the memories alive forever.

Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Antique Engagement Ring

There is a lot of pressure on men nowadays to choose the perfect engagement ring for their partner, and if you aren’t lucky enough to have been shown the perfect ring or have a wife to be who wants to choose her own, the whole process can seen quite daunting. The perfect ring should suit her personality, compliment her other jewellery well and also be a style and design which won’t age and go out of fashion in time, and although you can choose the easy option and go for something modern and simple, why not consider an antique engagement ring?suggests Antique Rings Online ( There are many benefits to antique engagement rings which make them far more perfect and desirable than a brand new ring, and your partner will have something special to wear for a lifetime. The designs are intricate and beautiful, they are great quality and will have many more years left in them and they also hold mysterious romantic history which makes them the perfect type of ring for a proposal.

Knowing What To Choose

Knowing which ring to choose can be difficult, however finding the best place for you which sells antique engagement rings can really help. If you are someone who loves to see things in front of them and finds shopping exciting then there are many antique jewellery shops and markets which have many rings to offer. This means you can see the quality and condition of the ring in person and you will know exactly what you are investing your money on. Not only this but if the seller has a lot of experience in antique jewellery they will be able to make useful suggestions and tell you more about the pieces you are interested in. However, it is easy for a seller to overprice antique jewellery and they can successfully do so if the buyer doesn’t know much about the market. To avoid this it is necessary to do some research beforehand to have a rough idea of prices on the market and what you will get for your money. The most popular place to buy antique jewellery is now online and it is made much easier from the comfort of your own home. You are able to spend hours browsing and there will be many more rings online for you to choose from, however the drawback is that pictures aren’t always reliable and you won’t be able to see the exact quality for yourself. If this is the best option for you then find out the refund and return policies before you commit to a certain piece as it may not be what you expected when it arrives.

Getting Someone Elses Opinion

Another great tip is to get someone else’s opinion on the type of ring your partner may like. Asking your future wife’s mum or best friend will give you another perspective and they may have a better idea than you being another female or if they have been jewellery shopping together. If jewellery isn’t something you are interested in then it is unlikely that you take much notice in the jewellery she buys and wears on a regular basis, however a female opinion and a trip to her jewellery box may give you some great ideas. With antique jewellery there are many styles and designs to choose from all from different eras and there will be one which suits her perfectly. An engagement ring is something which your partner will look at and wear every day of her life, so it is an important decision for you with little room for mistakes. If you have a specific occasion or date which you want to propose then get planning in advance and leave plenty of time to find the perfect ring to make the proposal as perfect as it can be.

Bands vs DJs: Which Is Best For Your Wedding

Among the many difficult decisions you will make when planning your wedding, one of the trickiest is deciding on music for the reception. To pick a band or a DJ is a discussion couples have been having since DJs entered the fray around 50 years ago. If you are currently struggling to make your minds up this post can help. Here are some pros and cons of each

Band pros

Unrivalled energy

No matter how charismatic a DJ is, there is only so much they can do from behind the decks. Live music can get a crowd pumped up quicker than any DJ because of the personal interaction singers bring. Having a great band front man bounding up and down the stage and interacting with the guests is exactly what you want to really start the night with a bang.

Any genre possible

If you have a passion for a certain type of music or artist and are desperate to have that music at your wedding, then a band could well be the way to go. Booking agencies like Band Hire UK some of the biggest and most diverse bands available. From Disco and Funk to Orchestras, from jazz to tribute acts, they have them all.

Makes your wedding unforgettable

The chances are your wedding isnt your guests first, and it probably wont be their last so its important you make it as unforgettable as possible. The danger you run with a DJ is that the music and occasion isnt very memorable, but that cant be said for a band. Creating a unique musical experience for your guests is important, and live music can certainly do that.

Band Cons


Generally, bands are more expensive than a typical wedding DJ. A good act will normally be £1,000 or more so bare this in mind when planning your budget, especially if you are already leaning towards getting a band.


Size can be an issue with live music on two fronts. Firstly, you need to work out whether your venue has the size to fit in all of your guests, your band a performance area and room for all their kit.


One thing that can be unpredictable can be the attitude of the band. The best bands will be largely invisible once they are off stage and when they are on youd ultimately like them to be able to judge the crowd, the last thing you need is a potty mouthed singer upsetting peoples grandparents and children.

DJ Pros

Music as intended

One thing which bugs plenty of people is hearing a live band murder one of your favourite tracks because of a tone deaf singer or a clumsy guitarist. This is well illustrated article on talking points memo argues this perfectly. This can be avoided by hiring a DJ who can play your favourite tracks as they were intended.

No Breaks

Its a big ask for bands to play all night without an interval, so the majority will have a mid set break which can potentially slow the tempo of the evening. This is never a problem for a DJ who can nip off for breaks between tracks without losing the pace of the evening.


As mentioned in the Band Cons, if you are looking for a quality band they are going to set you back around £1000, thankfully DJs are far cheaper than this. You can pick up a good DJ for half that of a band, making it a great alternative for those with a smaller budget.

DJ Cons

Lack of Performance

DJs are great for those who want to get up and dance, but dont offer much to those who dont. Bands can be enjoyed by those sitting down or uninterested in dancing because a performance is worth watching, a DJ isnt.

Cheesy Wedding DJs

A certain negative stereotype has emerged from wedding DJs, encapsulated in popular culture by characters like Ray Von in Phoenix Nights. While its not to be said that every Wedding DJ talks to much or is dreadful at audience participation, there is no smoke without fire. Its probably best to check way in advance by meeting with the to chat before hiring.  

Set list

Wedding DJs will generally have a tried and tested set that they trust, however this might not be to your liking. A set list of 70s soul classics might not be ideal for a young couple in their twenties, so its best you find out what they intend to play way in advance and if you want something in particular, request it because plenty are happy to alter it for their clients. More can be found on set list planning in this from the Huffington post.  

Why Christmas Is The Perfect Time To Propose

With the excitement of Christmas just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about how to make the holiday period perfect for yourself, your friends and loved ones. From cooking the tastiest Christmas dinner to selecting the most thoughtful gifts for those closest to you, although it is a busy time with a lot to think about it is the best time to show people that you care. If you are trying to find the perfect gift for your partner then why not consider a Christmas proposal? It is a very popular time to do so for many people and what better time than when the whole family is around to share the experience with? There isn’t a time more perfect to show your partner how much they mean to you, and picking out the ring is all part of the Christmas fun. We spoke with Laurelle Antique Jewellery to find out a little more on why Christmas is the perfect time to propose!

Christmas = Love

Love is  a huge part of Christmas and it unites families and relatives to create a great experience for everyone. Whether you have a huge family or it is a more intimate affair, spending time with loved ones is what is most important around this time. A proposal can join people together and not only the couple. It is likely that you will need other opinions when choosing the ring maybe your partners mum or best friends and this can make some great days out full of holiday spirit and excitement. However as I mentioned earlier, Christmas is a very popular time for proposals for all the reasons I have just mentioned, so get searching for the perfect ring early in order to make your proposal as amazing as it can be. It may seem daunting having to find an engagement ring on top of gifts for the rest of the family, however when you ask the big question on Christmas morning it will be more than worth it.

The Thought Which Goes Into The Ring

A lot of thought should go into the ring, especially if you don’t have any idea what her ideal engagement ring looks like. You may be lucky enough to have seen a picture or have a great idea of what kind of jewellery she is into, however choosing a ring she loves will mean a lot to her and show how well you really know her. Antique engagement rings are extremely popular with brides to be for many reasons, and there is an antique ring suitable for anyone. Some people may frown upon the fact it is a second hand piece, however once they see the real beauty of it it is sure to blow them away. Although modern engagement rings have a simple elegance to them, they lack true personality and beauty which is what you will find in an antique ring. With their beautiful and intricate designs along with the romantic history behind the ring, antique engagement rings are the perfect choice and it will be the perfect surprise for you partner on Christmas morning. There are many decades to choose from which makes it more than possible for you to find the perfect ring and there are many places where you can invest in an antique ring, so get searching today to make this Christmas one to remember for a lifetime.

Adding Those Extra Special Touches To Your Wedding Reception

Whilst some undoubtedly love the thought of a winter wedding, theres no denying the fact that the majority would much prefer to get hitched in the summer months. What that in mind, given that proposals are on the rise in the run up to Christmas all the way through to Valentines Day, its a busy time of year for those planning a wedding and, as such, we thought wed take a look at just a couple of ways to add that extra special touch to your reception; arguably, for many, the most enjoyable part of the big day.

  1. Light Up Your Big Day With Love Letters

    If it’s good enough for celebrities, it’s good enough for anyone and the current trend amongst wedding planners is giant light up lettering! Whether you spell out the bride and groom’s initials, hire a heart or want to simply showcase your ‘love,’ we’re seeing more and more couples hiring light up lettering and we can definitely see why. We spoke with Light It Up UK who offer light up wedding lettering in London and Kent who stated, “light up letters are an affordable yet fun and unique way to do something a little different yet entirely personal. Whether you hire letters, symbols or write words, there’s so many perfect combinations which work wonders and impress guests no end.”

    If you’re after that extra special touch, light up letters could well be just that!
  1. Let Your Guests Spend A Penny In Luxury

    No one likes grotty portable toilets and the reality for many outdoor weddings is that it’s simply something that has to be accepted. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way and you’ll find a number of companies across the UK who specialise in offering luxury toilets to hire. These are a million miles away from that which you’d see at a music festival or local fair and companies such as Event Washrooms who proudly offer luxury toilets for hire in Kent, recognise that many no longer want to give their guests the bare minimum. Fred of the company outlined to us, “Our clients want to give their guests something special and we can guarantee that luxury loos become a real talking point at any wedding! Everyone expects to need to spend a penny in something akin to that seen at a music festival and when they see something so regal and luxurious it’s a real (nice) surprise!”
  1. Bring In An External Party Planner

    Let’s face it, planning a wedding takes time and planning a reception takes even longer! Why not save yourself the hassle of finding a variety of different suppliers and pondering over every last little detail when you could hire the services of a professional party planner? It’s not uncommon to be able to find planners who work not only with the likes of you and me but also with the stars and we managed to track down one such company, London based party planners, Twizzle. The companies main man, Peter, stated to us, “From a cocktail party through to an evening full of the best entertainment you could wish for, every couple have their own ideas and it’s the job of a party planner to sep in and make those dreams come true.”

    The reception, for many, is the highlight of the day and the culmination of month’s of excitement so take the time to make the event something extra special and go all-out to put in those little touches which everyone will be talking about for years to come! Stunning luxury toilets? GO FOR IT!


Have you ever considered proposing with a loose diamond?

So, the time in your relationship has arrived where you are considering proposing to your significant other. But how do you choose perfect engagement ring? With so many elements to consider, how can you be sure that you will choose a ring guaranteed to make their heart melt?
More and more, people are choosing to propose with a loose diamond, but if this sounds a little too adventurous for you, let us explain why this could potentially be the best decision you will ever make.

You can still have the joy of a proposal

Proposing with a loose diamond, rather than a ring won’t take away your opportunity to “pop” the question. This is one of the most memorable moments you will experience as a couple and more often than you would think, the person getting down on one knee fears for their choice of ring. Purchasing the diamond first and having it placed in a simple setting, will allow you to still experience the surprise on their face, whilst minimising your anxiety about the choice of ring.

Stay in control of your budget

As you can imagine, buying a diamond isn’t exactly a romantic experience, so choosing one together could cause unnecessary stress. You will potentially be making one of the biggest investments of your life, requiring hours upon hours of research and evaluation of your finances. And negotiating with a sales assistant, whilst trying to make a thoughtful decision about what your fiance-to-be would want, doesn’t make a good environment for decision making. Purchase the diamond first, giving yourself control over the most important and expensive component of the ring, take your time deciding, then you can ensure you stay within your budget.

You can choose your perfect setting

Being able to design your own engagement ring, is something many girls dream of. Once you have chosen the diamond, you can give them free reign over choosing their perfect setting.  This means that regardless of whether they want a diamond halo, or a unique solitaire, you have taken care of the biggest proportion of the cost, whilst still giving them what they want.  You may even find that they fall in love with a simple solitaire, as it allows them to perfectly showcase their new diamond.

If you can’t find the ideal setting, visit a custom jewellery maker, who will be able to assist you in designing and creating a unique engagement ring setting to suit your diamond.
In a short space of time, your fiancee could have a completely original engagement ring, unseen by any one other than yourselves.

If you decided to propose using a temporary solitaire setting, some jewellers may allow you to use the precious metal towards your new setting.

Purchasing the diamond separately saves you money.

Purchasing a loose diamond from a diamond wholesaler, will typically save you up to 40% on the price that you would pay for a ring of the same specification, chosen from a jewellery store. This saving in itself, can be contributed towards covering the cost of your new setting.

So, there you have it. Just a few of the reasons why proposing with a loose diamond, is a fabulous choice if it is time for you to pop the big question.

Choosing The Right Wedding Venue For Your Big Day

Your wedding day will be be one of the most amazing days of your life. It is the moment that you and your partner will stand before your friends and family to declare your eternal love for each other, so of course you will want to make sure every aspect of the day is perfect as possible. But before you start to plan the smaller details of the ceremony you will need to choose a venue that captures the ideal tone and style of the wedding.

Here is a brief guide to a few of the venue types that are available for use on your big day.

Country House weddings

Country house weddings held on a stunning estate will provide plenty of privacy and act as a wonderful setting where a couple and their guests can get away from the confines of the city.

Booking a country house is also beneficial as it allows for a whole day or weekend to be enjoyed without the structured limitations of wedding timetables in the city, such as those you would experience when booking a registry office ceremony.

Escaping the noise of urban life will also help to create an almost fairytale-like quality to the ceremony; an aesthetic that city based weddings do not allow for. Needless to say, the countryside photo opportunities that country house wedding ceremonies offer are breathtaking.

Livery Halls

If, however, country house weddings are not for you, London Livery halls capture all the splendour of stately home wedding ceremonies without a couple even needing to leave the convenience of the city. Livery halls date as far back as the 14th century when they acted as official meeting places for many of London’s influential livery companies.

With their amazing history Livery Halls bring a cultured tone to a wedding, with each hall featuring a unique interior of its own, which means there is a wide choice of halls with different décor styles to choose from.

Livery Hall

Image sourced from

Livery hall companies have ensured that they maintain the original classic furnishings of each property, including its original interior design, portraits, furniture and ornaments of the period it first served as a livery hall.

Such a vintage appearance will impress your guests while creating a aesthetic that guarantees you get wedding photos that boast a timelessly beautiful appearance.

Marquee weddings

Celebrating your wedding in the comfortable surrounding of a marquee is a popular choice  that will perfectly compliment the aesthetic of a beautiful garden wedding.

A marquee is also particularly useful if the couple do not want their wedding to be characterised by the existed décor of a pre-booked wedding venue. Without such restrictions a couple have the freedom and creativity to turn the marquee into a reflection of their personal wedding vision.

In addition to décor the layout can also be altered inside a marquee so that it fits whatever floor plan the couple want. From guest tables to the dance floor and bar, all amenities can be structured for the benefit of the wedding reception.

The only potential downside of a marquee wedding is that a marquee performs most effectively outside of the winter months, making them a better choice for spring, summer and autumn.

A marquee will certainly protect the interior ceremony from winter climates, but the best photo opportunities come from months when the evenings stay lighter for longer and the surrounding garden setting is less likely to get disturbed by adverse weather conditions.

Once you have decided on the right venue for your wedding you can begin the other arrangements that combine to guarantee you memories that last a lifetime.

Seven Steps to Choosing The Perfect Wedding Ring

Amongst all of the excitement, your wedding day will fly past without you even realising it. However, your wedding ring is something that will be with you for the rest of your life, so you must make sure that it is perfect! To help you decide which ring is for you, we have devised the perfect guide to getting it right.

  1. Narrow down your choices

Your wedding ring will probably be the only piece of jewellery that you will ever wear, everyday, for the rest of your life. Having said this, you should definitely start planning  what you want before you actually hit the stores. Making these few preliminary choices beforehand will help to take away a lot of the stress and confusion, so you wont leave feeling overwhelmed. Get a good idea in your mind of the colour metal you want; which can be anything from Yellow gold, white gold, platinum, rose gold or a fusion. There are a number of jewellery brands, such as Clogau, who make weddings rings with spectacular combinations of precious metals.

  1. Give yourself enough time

Once you have established an idea of what you want, go out and start trying on your different options. You should schedule in to do this at least two months before the wedding, as you need to time to explore different styles, do your research and go back and re-visit rings that have potential. If you are planning to have a hand made, or customised ring, you need even more time set aside. Engraving alone can take up to additional four weeks, so stay organised and make sure you factor this in to your plans early on.

  1. It’s okay to be different

Don’t be fooled into thinking you and your partners’ rings need to be matching. Choose rings that reflect your individual styles, based on elements that are important to you. Don’t spend time stressing about finding one type of ring that you both like.

  1. Set a budget and stick to it

Prices of wedding rings vary massively, so you could spend anything from a couple of hundred pounds, right up to a few thousand. The last thing you want to do is find your perfect ring, only to discover that it is way out of your price range. Avoid this by tell the assistant in the jewellery store exactly what your budget it, or only look within certain price ranges online. If you are planning on getting your rings engraved, make sure you include this in your budget too.

  1. Search for a ring that fits in with your lifestyle

There’s no point in buying a ring that’s covered in diamonds if you’re going to have to take it off every morning before you go to work, so that it doesn’t get dirty, or even worse, damaged. You need to choose a band that you can comfortably wear every day; so if you use your hands a lot, choose something that is simple and understated.

  1. Think ahead

Dare to be different when choosing your wedding ring, if you want something that is on trend or a ring that represents your extravagant personality. But if you do, ask yourself if you will still want to wear it in thirty years time.

  1. Prepare for the future

When choosing your ring, try to consider the different life events that may happen in the future. If you are young, you may have pregnancy to look forward to and your weight may change. Different styles of ring are easier to resize than others. Wedding bands with channel set diamonds are tricky when it comes to re-sizing, so if this is a concern, try to choose a less detailed band.

How to Plan the Perfect Engagement Proposal

Every beautiful wedding and marriage should start off with a beautiful proposal but unfortunately this is not the case. It is suggested that 20% of women were disappointed with their proposal, which is not the way you want to kick start the rest of your lives together. There’s nothing worse when you and your other couple friends share stories, your engagement story falls short of magical and absolutely perfect.

That’s why Engagement ProposalDiamond Heaven has put together a guide, 10 Things to Help You Prepare For The Perfect Engagement Proposal, which looks at all aspects to asking that all important question.

But why do I need this guide? How difficult can it be? Well, what could go wrong? Simply drop on one knee and pop the question.

With that frame of mind, you’re not going to pull off the perfect proposal; especially seeing that you’ve not considered the how much planning and plotting is needed. If you’re asking someone to spend the rest of their lives with you, you’d want to put some effort into popping the question. It is one of the most stressful times in your relationship and is as difficult to coordinate as a wedding, especially without the help of your other half.

Let’s take the engagement ring as an example.Engagement Ring

Do you know her ring size? No? That’s fine, no many boyfriends do but do you know how to get it? Can you get it without her knowing? It’s not a perfect proposal if she sees it coming and nothing will kill the moment than finding the ring is too small or too big, then there’s the embarrassing trip back to the jewellers to change it. How can you get her finger measurements without her knowing?

Then there’s asking her parents, your future in-laws.

Engagement ProposalAsking your future bride’s parents permission for her hand in marriage is an aged tradition. Maybe a bit too old fashioned. That in mind, you’re most likely asking yourself, do I need to do this? This is the twenty first century, why do I need to ask for the parent’s permission? If I want to, how do i go about it? If I don’t, what’s the worse that can happen?

Most importantly, this guide covers, how to know she’s ready?

Well, how do you know? She could be the one, want to spend the rest of her life with you and make that commitment but when she’s ready. You don’t want to ask when she’s not ready as it could mean she says no or says yes but she goes into that commitment unsure. So how do you know she’s ready? What are the tell tale signs? How can you be sure?

Diamond Heaven’s proposal guide covers those points and more in a simple but detailed guide with many tips and pieces of advice to creating the perfect proposal. It is a vital tool in preparing you to ask the most important question in your life.